Thursday, December 14, 2006

Teleteria Rocks

I live in Boulder, Colorado and porn was never big here. I never thought about being involved in the business before but I got tired of getting laid off from job after job.

I went online to google and searched and found several companies that built porn sites. When I called Teleteria I got to speak directly to the owner, Jay Servidio. He took the time to explain how it works and how I can go out and get traffic to my site and make money. I started with one site and now I own 5 sites! I earn more in a day then I used to make all week and I get to work from home.

Visiting has been the best move I made ever! My life has been so much better! My wife and I don't have to worry about paying bills or anything like that anymore! Not with our 5 Teleteria sites. I couldn't have done it without Teleteria's customer service or their great design work! Jay Servidio has been the best to work with.

Thanks Teleteria.

Pete L., Colorado


My wife and I thought about getting a porn site for years before we actually did it. Why we waited I still dont know.

We finally finally checked out a few different companies. Most of them were not even companies, just one or two guys working out of their garages. I found Jay Servidio from Teleteria when I went to He was available every time I called him and he asnwered a million questions for both me and my wife. We even got his brochure package and it had a dvd in it where I saw several other couples who bought his package and made the kind of money we wanted. Anyway, we bought 2 sites and now we have a grand total of 6 and its been 10 months since we started.

The money is real. I still cant believe it. I highly recommend Jay Servidio and Teleteria to anyone who wants the opportunity to make real money in this highly profitable business. If you do it right, then go with because they're the best!

George and Wendy H., Florida